In the near future of 1997 the island of Manhatten is a prison in which all outlaws are thrown to!  When the President Of The United States is captured on the island it's up to Snake Plissken to go in and save him if he wants to or not!  It's an action sci-fi film like you've never seen before and starring Kurt Russel, Lee Van Cleef, and Issac Hayes.  Mark & Matt dive into the classic Escape From New York!
This episode also features a look back at 80 years of Superman and his legacy, as well as the new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, James Cameron being a grumpy old man, and a Fast & Furious animated series!  We then preview our next movie we will be covering, 2000's X-Men as we get ready for Comicpalooza 2018 in Houston, Texas in which Ray Park, who played Toad, will be a guest at! All this and learn about the pube hairs Matt plans to put on his face!