It's a full on adrenaline rush on this week's episode of the show as we talk the 1991 action classic Point Break!  You didn't expect us to talk about that crappy remake did you?  We go in depth and tell you why the film is a modern classic that stands up to the best action films ever made!  Sit back and enjoy the ride as it's 100% pure adrenaline as Johnny Utah and Bodhi become best friends then it all gets ripped apart because one of them is an FBI agent and the other robs banks!  

We also talk the latest news briefs such as Kevin Smith scaring the crap out of us, the trailer for Wreck It Raplph 2, and tell you where you can play some arcade classics that inspired Ready Player One.  Also should Highlander or The Crow be rebooted?  Probably not but Hollywood is doing it anyways! All this and we preview our next set of films that will feature in our first ever double feature episode!  Here's a hint, hasta la vista, baby!