The Rebel Radio Podcast started way back in 2006 as an internet radio show! In 2014 we brought it back as a podcast!  Just three best friends doing something fun because we love it and we hope you do too!

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Let's Meet Your Podcasters!

 Mark Neiser  

Bio: Once upon a time I saw a movie called Star Wars, the rest was history.

Credentials: Created and ran a fan site for the band Taproot for 7 years at 

 Matt Childs  

Bio: Once upon a time I watched a movie called Billy Madison.  I realized then I did Kindergarten all wrong.

Credentials:  Was a frequent guest on Rebel Radio when it was an internet radio show. He also owns almost every Arnold Shcwarzenegger movie.

Long "LT Prime" Tran

Bio: He was once frieghtened by Godzilla but embraced his fear, conquered it, & is now a Godzilla expert,

Credentials: Former host of The Warp CAVE Podcast.  Also a You Tuber who makes great videos with Transformers & more!